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The Chemical Brothers @ Coachella 2009


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00. Intro - No Path To Follow
01. Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
02. Chemical Brothers - Burst Generator
03. Chemical Brothers - Do It Again/Get Yourself High
04. Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl
05. Chemical Brothers - All Rights Reversed
06. Chemical Brothers - Out Of Control/Don't Fight It Feel
07. Chemical Brothers - It/It Doesn't Matter
08. Chemical Brothers - Temptation/Star Guitar
09. Chemical Brothers - Surface To Air
10. Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence
11. Chemical Brothers - Saturate
12. Chemical Brothers - Believe
13. Chemical Brothers - Acid Children
14. Chemical Brothers - Golden Path
15. Chemical Brothers - Chemical Beats

Deserteagles -
Tracklist please?  :a:
Divine -
On 29-04-2009 13:23:04, Deserteagles wrote:

Tracklist please?  :a:

 :no:  :?
Deserteagles -
Hoe is deze liveset? Qua nummers enz..

jobje10 -
hmm, link is dood....
Nois3controll3r -
No Path To Follow (Intro)
Burst Generator
Do It Again/Get Yourself High
Hey Boy Hey Girl
All Rights Reversed
Out Of Control/Don't Fight It Feel It/It Doesn't Matter
Temptation/Star Guitar
Surface To Air
Under The Influence
Acid Children
Golden Path
Chemical Beats

maybe this one ?!
Nilles -
can someone reup please  :W
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Everybody's favourite Belgian
New Sendspace Link Added  ;)
Morango -
What is real?
On 10-05-2009 00:36:41, Deserteagles wrote:

Hoe is deze liveset? Qua nummers enz..


isn't a liveset, but a PA  8-) but it's ok
E-Stylezz -
vet cool gave koffiepads !
Geen Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance  :o  :p
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Added new link