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Synapse @ PHR3AK Promo Mix 2014

Hardcore   Crossbreed

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This is not your everyday madness, this is crazy and then some! On Saturday, September 20th at the Poppodium Hedon in Zwolle, The Third Movement and High Energy Events proudly present the first edition of PHR3AK. It's time to set your twisted minds free...

The line-up: The Dj Producer, Detest, N-Vitral, Rude Awakening, Synapse and Djipe. The night will be hosted by MC Minckz.

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1. Sinister Souls & Ruffneck - Executioner
2. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Universal Threat (Sei2ure Remix)
3. Meander - Endless Blackness VIP
4. Lunatic - Gravity
5. Synapse & Sei2ure - Fuck
6. Meander - Black Smoke (AK-Industry Remix)
7. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - What Really Matters
8. Ophidian & Hamunaptra - Beyond Dusk And Dawn
9. Synapse & Sei2ure - Politics
10. Sei2ure - Informer