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Luca Max @ Flying Blue #11 []


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Lengte: 01:14:49

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1. Dinka & Morttagua - In Caelo (LTN Remix)
2. Antony Waldhorn - Dawn (Original Mix)
3. Airzoom - La Bella Vita (Original Mix)
4. Borealnight - Beyond the Silent Skies (Orchestral Mix)
5. Frank Dattilo - Leonida (Original Mix)
6. Etasonic Vs. Bauero - First Lady (Farzam & Mhammed El Alami Remix)
7. Mike van Fabio & Cherry - Sharpshooter (Original Mix)
8. PLH ft. Gen L - Liberty (Farzam Remix)
9. Roman Messer & Nomosk ft. Christina Novelli - Lost Soul (Hazem Beltagui Remix)
10. Philler Music - A Long Journey (4 Seas Remix)
11. Aeden - Agartha (Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer Remix)
12. Rambacy ft. Danny Claire - New Life (Cold Rush Remix)
13. Ellie Lawson - Calling You (Vadim Spark Remix)
14. Arnoud van der Werf - Taiga (Original Mix)

this is a nice track selection... its just a damn shame you cannot mix!! sorry Luca ive tried so many of your sets and will not be downloading anymore. cheers anyway
Antimildstyler -
Luca Max
Thanks for honest opinion, a damn shame should be out my sets on the label.