F. Noize @ Hardcore Warriors - Industrial Strenght Night


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Here, finally, the set of my debut at Nuberone club.
Due to the historical importance of the club, I wanted to pay homage by doing something new and alternative, I mixed 32 tracks in an hour, keeping my style but mixing the old with the new, and the result was Fabulous!
Get ready for a blast from the past but with all the energy and nastiness now, just like we do!

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1. Imperium Bass - Macabre connection (Intro edit)
2. Re-Style - Drop That Funky Mashup
3. Tommyknocker & DJ Mad Dog - Minimix 1
4. F. Noize vs. Onesimk - I Gave It To You Bitch
5. Section Grabuge - Oldschool Mash Up #1
6. Andy The Core vs. F. Noize - Sentenced (Legend Mashup)
7. Noize Suppressor - Fingherz
8. DJ Paul Elstak & Radiate - Dropping It
9. Tieum - HMF Mashup
10. Party Animals - Have You Ever Been Mellow (Catscan Refix)
11. F. Noize - Lord Of The Underground
12. Diss Reaction - Jiiieehaaaa (Angerfist Remix)
13. Miss Groovy - Jungle Sickness (The Unfamous Refix 2014)
14. F. Noize & Mr. Madness - The Host
15. Marshall Masters - Don't Touch That Stereo (Mad Dog Refix)
16. Rave Slave - Psychiatric Atmosfear (Evil Activities Mash-Up)
17. Turbulence - 6 Million Ways To Die (F. Noize Remix)
18. Turbolenza - I Am The Creator (Hardbouncer Remix)
19. DJ Skuffa - Hippycrash Mash-Up
20. System Overload - Geef Maar Gas
21. Smash - Korrekte Bassdrum (Negative A's Syndicate Quick Fix DJ Tool)
22. Al Twisted - Enter The Ultimate Shaftman Easy Money Shot (Mash Up)
23. F. Noize ft. Tha Feed - Dedicated To (Special Army of Hardcore Minimix)
24. Rob Gee & Repete ft. MC Romeo - Riot In NYC (Biorekk & Al Twisted Remix)
25. F. Noize - Superman (Edit)
26. Drokz - Drokz Moet Nie Mauwe (DJ Tool)
27. Stinger - Straight Outta Roffa (Section Grabuge Remix)
28. J-Roon & Kosmix - Brainz
29. The Unfamous - Pokkeherrie Special
30. Partyraiser & The Vizitor - Klote (Balzak Mix)
31. UKTM vs. F. Noize - Ryukore
32. F. Noize & Nekrosystem - Spaccamo Tutto

FireWire -
great!  :thumbsup:
luca-s -
very nice , number one in italy
DjDwaasnoizer -
F. Noize vs Onesimk - i gave it to you (bithc) (ft. Mental Madness) die bitch is verkeerd getypt whahaah er staat bithc
reniao666 -
Industrial Hardcore......not Hardcore.
JeffreyFCT [Set Editor] -
On 01-10-2014 17:08:51, reniao666 wrote:

Industrial Hardcore......not Hardcore.

Hahahaha this is just Hardcore and not Industrial Hardcore.
Joerigee -
Gerrie Koster -
zoooo lekkah!!! mop mop gas erop!!!! heerlijk!  :yay:  _O-  _O-  _O-