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Xperior @ The Hard Xperience Podcast 001

Hardstyle   Industrial Hardcore

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The HARD XPERIENCE PODCAST is a new podcast for all kind of harddance music: Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore & more.

If you want to make a set for the Hard Xperience Podcast contact me at (mail) or


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Rawstyle & Industrial HC

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1. Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Geck-O Edit)
2. Tatarola - Who Is Calling? (Zenith DJ Edit)
3. Enigmato - You Can (Digital Abuse Remix)
4. Builder - Bad Manners (Hardstyle Masterz Remix)
5. N-Vitral - Such Kick
6. Minus Militia - Crackin' Your Ribs
7. Delete - Punishment
8. Moridin - Last Of Your Kind
9. The Machine & Geminizers - Godcore (the Motherf*cking Godcore Mix)
10. Sei2ure ft. Dither - Interference
11. Enigmato - Floorcracker
12. Degos & Re-Done - Connected
13. Wavolizer vs DJ Thera - Done With My Stash (Theracords Live Mix)
14. Main Concern - Dark Universe
15. Titan ft. Sarah Russell - Mystery Of Sanctuary
16. Dune - Hardcore Vibes (The Viper's Mashup Mix)
17. N-Vitral - Sicko Cell
18. Sei2ure - Informer
19. Art Of Fighters - Fuck You! (Detest "Walk With Me In Hell" Remix)