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Javi Shock @ Trick 'r Treat 2k14


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Many are the grim tales told of the Shadow Isles
and the Black Mist that shrounds them...
And while all good folk shun this cursed land,
sometimes its darkness comes... FOR YOU.

The Black Mist ebbs and flows like the tide,
yet now and then, on a night much like tonight,
it reaches far across the sea...
Searching... Seeking... KILLING.

This time is known as.. THE HARROWING.

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massdna -
javi shock must be a fan of League of Legends  :D
Edit: beast mix!
Gewijzigd door massdna op 09-11-2014 14:58
Javi_Shock -
lol & Sc2 fan!  xD
Thanks @massdna!