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Fakemachine @ Crossbones Episode 15

Crossbreed   Drum & Bass

Toegevoegd door: Motorhead @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:50:50

Meer info
Just a very special guestmix by this cool guy, we asked if he can do guestmix for us, and we recieved some good answer, and this is not all, this is the last set by Fakemachine (as DJ name) ever, all thing should end, this was great 5 years of rave, for now Fakemachine will use his real name Mikhail Kirilin to get connected with space and stars & real things  :D so tune in this very special episode which also includes some DUBPLATES and Unreleased track.
We (Genocide Machine) wish you Mikhail all the best, and real hope for a better, cooler future, we will stay connect with you for more, thank you for this awesome mix, and rest.

Gestemd door: Motorhead
Favoriet van: Motorhead

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1. Suicide - Half-Organic
2. Big-Head - Frost
3. Brainpain - Run For Your Life
4. Hardlogik - The Night Rider
5. C-Netik - Leash on a Freak
6. Syrinx - Gabba (C-Netik Remix)
7. Kevlar - Lobotomized
8. Damaged Minds - Pain (Brainpain Remix)
9. eRRe & Hardlogik - Perfect Hunting Machine
10. Syrinx - The Worship Of Baphomet
11. SA†AN - Darksiders
12. Circular D & Big-Head - Frozen Island
13. Mystification - Recovery
14. Sepromatiq - City of Heroes
15. Inerpois & Tremors - Sarcasm (Syrinx Remix)
16. Nphonix - Sever
17. Proket - Norilsk