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Hardbouncer @ Haze of Darkness Promo Mix


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Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 01:00:47

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Gestemd door: DopeyMHL djul RobinNDA Theory_Of_Core LarsHardstyle DjRepix Artistic_HB JakHalz mindspitter Sarge Blondehoning Darksound ppeterr123 DefkePara Nois3controll3r

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1. A-Kriv ft. Kymykore - Stream (Hardbouncer Remix)
2. Destructive Tendencies vs Hardbouncer - Destiny
3. Tieum - Fuck Ur Own Face
4. Brain Neurotic - Chaos Attack
5. Partyraiser - From The Westcoast
6. Hardbouncer ft. MC ADK - The Sound Of Hardbouncer
7. F. Noize ft. A.D.K. - Revenge (Darkside 15 Years O.S.T.)
8. Rotterdam Terror Corps & Paul Elstak - Skull Dominion (Destructive Tendencies Remix)
9. Hardbouncer & MC ADK - Killed By My Kickdrum
10. Andy the Core - Steal This
11. Deterrent Man - Cracks In The Cradle
12. Partyraiser ft. MC Da Mouth of Madness - Look When You Shoot
13. The Punisher - Go Low
14. Hardbouncer - Party Your Ass Off
15. Cryogenic - Victimized
16. Hardbouncer - Blow Your Mind
17. Hardbouncer & Cryogenic - More Hardcore
18. Sandy Warez - Puta Madre (Extremo)
19. Grigio - Gang Of Noise (Hardbouncer Remix)
20. Hardbouncer - Atrocity

LarsHardstyle -
wrong link
Gewijzigd door LarsHardstyle op 23-12-2014 18:03
Artistic_HB -
thanks for noticing, I think I was still asleep haha, fixing it now
mindspitter -
Darksound -
The hardness doesn't reside in the nucleus; voidcore. :/

It was much better Partyraiser's hardcore several years before.  :-/  :-/
DefkePara -
Creatastic Fantastic
Nice tempo..always keep the fast kicking like this into yr way of creating with style..could get you pretty far, It's a kind of signature killer skill I suppose!  :thumbsup2:  xD
Darksound -
Soft Industrial Frenchcore, hehehe.

Several examples:

-Tieum = Industrial Frenchcore; HARDCORE (Industrial/Frenchcore).
-Tha Playah, Nosferatu or Angerfist: HARDCORE (Mainstream).
-Manu Le Malin: HARDCORE (Industrial/Darkcore).
-Meccano Twins or Unexist: HARDCORE (Mainstream/Darkcore).
-Ophidian: HARDCORE (Mainstream/Industrial/Darkcore).
-Dither: HARDCORE (Industrial/Darkcore).
-IGOR: HARDCORE (Crossbreed).
-The Outside Agency: HARDCORE (Crossbreed/Darkcore).
-Akira or Drokz: HARDCORE (Industrial/Terror).
-Detest: HARDCORE (Crossbreed).
-Tripped or KRTM: HARDCORE (Terror/Industrial).
-Igneon System: HARDCORE (Crossbreed/Darkcore).
-Hardbouncer or Partyraiser: HARDCORE (Mainstream/Industrial/Frenchcore)
-Deterrent Man: HARDCORE (Terror/Frenchcore).

*Crossbreed = Industrial + Drum & Bass.

 :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:
Gewijzigd door Darksound op 28-12-2014 14:43