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David Lagon @ Tribute To Christ Of Noise

Early Hardcore   Early Terror   Breakbeat

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French hardcore artist Christ Of Noise died on december 2005 of an heart attack… He lets behind himself his family and friends in a huge sadness.
More than a friend for David Lagon, Christophe was more than a brother for him. They grew up together since the beginning of childhood. The sadness is too big for David Lagon since his best friend disappear.
That's why David decided to record a radio show entirely dedicated to his defunct friend Christophe aka Christ Of Noise. This show was only made with tracks from Christophe. Some of them were released on great labels such as Radikal Groov & Provision Records, some others are totally exclusive. There are also some tracks in different styles than hardcore.
During this radio show, David Lagon speaks about the biography of Christ Of Noise.

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1. Christ of Noise - Intro (Exclusive)
2. Christ of Noise - Denatured
3. Christ of Noise - Here We Come...
4. Christ of Noise - My Head
5. Christ of Noise - Blowed Mind
6. Christ of Noise - Protzaack
7. Christ of Noise - Intruders are Coming
8. Christ of Noise - R@nd Brain
9. Christ of Noise - Wake Up Call
10. Christ of Noise - Untitled 1 (Exclusive)
11. Christ of Noise - Loud Bastard MED
12. Christ of Noise - Indians 1 (Exclusive)
13. Christ of Noise - Indians 2 (Exclusive)
14. Christ of Noise - Untitled 2 (Exclusive)