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Radium @ Quiet & Rage Archive Mix#1

Frenchcore   Early Hardcore

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"Here we go, let's start the time-travel! We start in february 1999, when Neurophonie, the first Micropoint album had just been released. On that day, i made 2 mixes to test it, a soft one and a hard one...
It's the soft one i'm putting online today on my Soundcloud Dj Radium page (streaming and download), it's called 'Quiet & Rage'... and the hard mix will be the one who will close this archive series in 1 year...
Warning: i won't be able to give the exact tracklisting of every mix (would be too hard as there are really too many records and my memory's not so fresh!), but i will do my best to give at least the main records/labels/artists of each...
Here, after a soft beginning with a lot of D-Boy records, there is of course all the tracks from the first record of Neurophonie, as well as many tracks that have been heard million times in the years that followed, but were still brand new when this mix was recorded: Deathchant/Psychik Genocide/Epileptik/Gobble...
Enjoy the music, and the nostalgia for the oldest..."
Archive Mix#1

Gestemd door: alexvdh melvin053 Hansolo Sarge Robintjuh

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1. Hellfish & Skeeta - The Running Man (Butcher Of Bakersfield Special Edition)
2. Chicago Hardcore Force ft. Delta 9 & Richie Wel - Sound Of Hardcore
3. Micropoint - Neurojuice
4. Placid K - Too Many Bass
5. ID (???)
6. Chicago Hardcore Force ft. Delta 9 & Richie Wel - Gabber On Da Floor
7. Micropoint - Serotonin
8. Chicago Hardcore Force ft. Delta 9 & Richie Wel - Slammasters
9. ID (???)
10. Tieum - Ok
11. Buzz Fuzz - Dreamteam = Back
12. The DJ Producer - King Of The Vari-Speed
13. Micropoint - Stimulation Binaire
14. Radium - (We Live In) The Pit
15. Radium - Multimedia
16. Androgyn Network - Electrovore
17. Radium - Epileptik Room
18. Micropoint - Noise Theater
19. Radium - Whyanotherbleedingmadhouseagain?
20. System 3 - From My Mind
21. Hellfish - Martian Ambassador
22. Tieum - Fuck DJ Fuck
23. Micropoint - Bloque Cerveau (I Shouldn't Have Taken Two At Once)

pointlesspoint -
Coherent incoherence
Some wrong track titles up here. Will correct later.
pointlesspoint -
Coherent incoherence
5. Micropoint - Dosage Correct? is not in this mix?
9. Micropoint - Slow Scratch is not in this mix?
15. Micropoint - Data Cops is not in this mix? It's Radium - Multimedia playing
16. Androgyn Network - Electrovore
16. Radium - Epileptik Room
17. Micropoint - Noise Theater
18. Radium - Whyanotherbleedingmadhouseagain?
19. System 3 - From My Mind