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Since the end of 2012, DJ Untainted followed a DJ-course and learned the ropes. At some parties, he came into contact with DJ Agonizer and they became good friends. One day Agonizer let him run back to back on his first booking. Since then they both had many bookings as a team. Their style can be called a combination of mainstream and up-tempo hardcore. They played at events like:
* Hakkuhgat rudeness Edition : by dj maddog & Dynamo Eindhoven
* Queen Score Vs Enzyme records ,
* Insane psycopaths
* Hc # 13
* Bass Wave ( Belgium).

In 2015 they want to keep playing at several gigs and they are going to start producing hardcore.

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1. DaY-már - Embrace The Night (Outblast Remix)
2. Miss K8 - The Poison
3. Radio Killah - Keep My Beast
4. Quitara - Path Of Mayhem
5. Art of Fighters - Fuck You!
6. Thorax - Pitbull
7. Tommyknocker & Armageddon Project - Thy Kingdom Fall
8. Angerfist - Knock Knock
9. Angerfist & Noize Suppressor - Bring The Pain
10. D-Passion - The maximum
11. Neophyte Records All Stars - Door het dak!
12. Radio Killah - Live In A Mainstream
13. The Stunned Guys - Beats Time (Deterrent Man Remix)
14. Hardbouncer ft. MC ADK - The Sound Of Hardbouncer
15. Unfamous - Rock N Core
16. Destructive Tendencies - I'll Let You Have Your Day
17. Deterrent Man - Cracks In The Cradle
18. Partyraiser - Daar Istie Weer (Deterrent Man Mashup Track)
19. Dione - Pain Til I Die (SRB's Muppet Mash-Up) (SRB Refix)

untainted -
yeah full power  :6: