Shoutbox: [16:49] McBong: I'm coming from the south, near nuremberg. The train is indeed surprisingly cheap, but it takes seven hours. Maybe I'll just go by bus to my buddies near the netherlands a day before and travel with them by car the next day.

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01 Sylent & Glitch - Music In You (Scope DJ Loves Reverse Bass Remix)
02 Digital Punk & Profyler - Rock The Party
03 Ivan Carsten - Bumpin' Hard (Tuneboy Remix)
04 Coone - Unite (Deepack Remix)
05 The Hose - I Survived
06 Wildstylez - Revenge
07 Showtek - Dominator (Melbourne Mix)
08 D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Keep It Coming
09 Hardstyle Mafia ft. Alphaverb - Takin' Over
10 Mindkillerz - Make It Ruff (Brainkicker Remix)
11 D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Ride With Uz

Basscontrollerz -
Mindkillerz - Make It Ruff (Brainkicker Remix)  :no:

but im downloading now so  ;)
fen0m -
Yes it is a nice track  ;)
greg4850 -
Fear.FM Resident DJ
many older tracks but very good tracks  :L

nice set man
fen0m -
thx  :)
Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
On 07-05-2009 15:31:05, Basscontrollerz wrote:

Mindkillerz - Make It Ruff (Brainkicker Remix)

fen0m -
For me The Hose - I Survived  :worship:  :worship:
Post some commentz plz  :)