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Byzpo @ Gabber.FM COREnect #93

Hardcore   Crossbreed   Industrial Hardcore

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Bestandstype: 192 kbit MP3
Lengte: 01:01:55


The Outside Agency - Dream Denial
Carnage & Cluster - We are the elite (Dominatrix aka Daniela Haverbeck remix)
Breathing Hell - Infra-Struktur
The Empire - Darkness Descends
Promo - King Of Pain (Negative-A Remix)
Edge Of Darkness - Our Mission
Cemon Victa - Nature Of The Beast
Hask - Switch On
Negative A - Blast True Tha Speaka
Frame of Mind - Ball in A Bull's Eye
Igneon System - Underground Splitter
Angerfist - The Road To Fame (I:gor Remix)
Skim - Today is My Day
I:Gor Feat Feel-X - Gunz Up (AK-Industry & Igneon System Remix)
Stormtrooper & EBE Company - Fire (Tensor & Re-Direction RMX)
Counterfeit - Losers INC
I:Gor - Testify (Sinister Souls F_CK YOUR BRAINS OUT Edit)
Triax & Predator - Forgery
Partyraiser ft Mouth Of Madness - Look When You Shoot
I:gor - Lion
Drokz - Popping
Partyraiser vs Al Twisted & Joey Riot - Freaks & Hoes Anthem (Master)
Vextor - That's My Name (Thats My Name Dave Dope Remix)