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DJ Thera & K96 @ Theracords Radio Show


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"Theracords Radioshow brings you diversity and originality, showing hardstyle is a very broad genre. From the edge of hardcore, with a touch of trance, through passionate oldschool to pop - and everything in between! The show is hosted by frontman and labelfounder Dj Thera."

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  Classic of the month: Qlimax Anthem 2005
1. Zany - Science & Religion (Science Mix)
  Guestmix by K96:
2. The Anarchist - The Solution
3. Sephyx - Creation Of Fire
4. DJ Thera - The Paranormal
5. K96 - Horcrux
6. Floorcrushers - Psycho Stylez (Tartaros Remix)
7. K96 - Reflections
8. DJ Gollum ft. Scarlet - All The Things She Said (DJ Mikesh Remix)
9. The Prophet - Kikkdrum
10. ID (K96 - ID)
11. Degos & Re-Done - Madness
12. K96 - One More
13. Freakz At Night - Freakz
  The Theracords Top 5:
14. Dr Rude & Phrantic - Groundstomp
15. Geck-o & Wavolizer - Honey Pls
16. Prefix & Density - The Roof
17. DJ Thera ft. GyZe - The Kicks
18. Wild Motherfuckers - Fother Mucker (Delete & Low Profile Remix)
  Outside The Box Track Of The Month:
19. The DJ Producer - Doomsday (Promo 3D Revision)