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Dutch two man Hardcore formation created recently (December 2014)

Rampaged is formed by Martijn(dj&co-producer) and Arjen(producer&vocalist) We are 2 brothers that both had our own musical projects/styles, in December 2014 we decided to combine our skillz and become the new two man formation called -=RAMPAGED=-

Real Name: Martijn Beijer

From: Den Helder, the Netherlands

Date of birth: 26th August 1980

Style: Uptempo-Hardcore & Terror

About Martijn: I started out in the mid 90's with dj-ing and going to raves as the "Gabber" culture was growing in Holland. Due to personal reasons i was forced to leave my passion behind. After years of absence in the game i picked up my love for being creative with my one true love called Hardcore,so picked it up again in September 2014 and had my first giggs amogst some bigg names in Oktober 2014. The response i got from that gigg gave me the energy/motivation to push on through and give that extra step. Hard work took me to the place i am now, as Resident Dj @ Toxic Sickness, frequent guest dj on various radiostations across europe, Had the pleasure to do some awesome battle sets with awesome dj's/friends and a nice number of giggs in NL.

Real name: Arjen Beijer

From: Den Helder, the Netherlands

Date of birth: 28th December 1986

Style: Uptempo-Hardcore & Terror

About Arjen: As the younger brother of Martijn, I grew up with it, but it was never my main priority to start producing hardcore. Hiphop/rap became my passion and it didn’t take long before I was writing my own lyrics on instrumentals from dre and 2pac and started to practice my freestyle skills, at the age of 15 I did my first performance. The following 12 years I made hundreds of tracks and demo’s, started to make my own beats. Last year my brother picked up dj-ing and that triggerd me to go back to my roots to see if this old flame can light up again, now a short year later me and my brother both got signed bij Kurrupt under de name “Rampaged”