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Natrion @ Dark Menace HC#53

Industrial Hardcore

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Here is our 53th hardcore guest mix and its done by another very talented guy. Its no ones less then Natrion!  :D He delivered a sick Industrial mix with a very diverse list of tracks, so i you missed to broadcast be sure to grab this sick guest mix now!!  :D

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1. Natrion - Lucid Nightmare
2. Natrion - No Escape
3. Embrionyc - Incomprehensible
4. Natrion ft. Michaël Gabriël - Rust
5. Cyberstruct - Weltschmerz
6. Natrion - Scripta Ex Tormente
7. Natrion & B-Artiest - The Final Stand
8. Embrionyc - The Difference Between Water And Tears
9. The Outside Agency - Godspeed
10. Natrion - DDoS-Attack
11. Miss Hysteria - Hoodoo
12. Natrion - Xaos
13. Hamunaptra - Limytz
14. Natrion - Apocalyptic ritual
15. Natrion - Exctinction Device