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The Prophet @ LOUDER Podcast 07


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"Welcome back to the LOUDER Podcast of DJ The Prophet. This month’s show includes my new project ‘Elkabass’, my new record with The Darkraver ‘Jumpp Upp’, and of course, all harder styles! Freestyle, Early Rave, Hardstyle, new releases, old releases, everything! Sit back, relax and enjoy the 7th episode of the LOUDER Podcast."

The LOUDER Podcast will air each 3rd Thursday of the month. Next episode: 16/04/2015

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1. Zenith vs Avex - I'm Your Deejay
2. Zany - Pure (German Mix)
3. Nowaxx & Francois - Miami
4. TNT - Fuel (Gasoline Mix)
5. Avana - Maniac Material
6. Psyko Punkz - Like A Loco
7. The Prophet - Rokkstar (Elkabass Edit)
8. Yellow Claw ft. Ayden - Till It Hurts (LNY TNZ Remix)
9. Max Enforcer - Rise Up (Rebirth 2015 Anthem)
10. Proto Bytez - Let Go
11. Cold Case - Cut This Shit
12. Waverider - Skyscraper
13. The Prophet & Darkraver - Jumpp Upp
14. Technoboy - E-Biza
15. E-Force & Digital Punk - My God