Shoutbox: [16:49] McBong: I'm coming from the south, near nuremberg. The train is indeed surprisingly cheap, but it takes seven hours. Maybe I'll just go by bus to my buddies near the netherlands a day before and travel with them by car the next day.

Kutski & Technoboy @ Keeping The Rave Alive 150

Hardstyle   Hardcore   Dance

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Must Die - Hellcat (Habstrakt Remix)

Pat B - Crash The Party
Potato & Luna - Blender
Punish & Ruthless - FKN BASS (Partysquad Remix)
Betavoice - Ready 4 This (A-Lusion Remix)
Frontliner - Raining Melodies

Hardest Record In The World
Destructive Tendencies vs Hard Bouncer - Destiny

Mark Breeze - Gotta Get
Endemic - Lunar Energy (Pulse MMXIV Remix)

Sample Mania
Rob Bass & DJ Easy Rock - It Takes Two
Robbie Long & Devastate - I Wanna Rock

Technoboy Guest Mix
Technoboy, Tuneboy & Isaac - Digital Nation
TNT - Canzoncina
Technoboy - Reflex
Dr Rude - Funky Man
TNT - Blacklist
Tuneboy - Out Of Space
TNT - Utta Wanka (DefQon.1 2014 Edit)
Tuneboy feat. E-Life - Devotion

Final Vinyl
The Hypnotist - Rainbows In The Sky