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The Wishmaster @ CCPAR Podcast 115


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Leaving no soul unturned, The Wishmaster is a valuable addition to the Italian hardcore movement. His sound is fresh, his skills as a performer proven with ease.

The Wishmaster aka Fulvio Stramaccioni has been going strong ever since his debut release in 2000. It didn´t take long since he start playing at raves such as Defqon1, Masters Of Hardcore and Ground Zero. Ever since, Fulvio has been working solid in the studio creating his vision of hardcore, dark and fierce. His style is accessible, melodic and yet he never fears a little sharp edge through the music.

Let his music do the talking!


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1. The Wishmaster - Everyboy Hardcore
2. Kyuzo & The Empire - Our Potential
3. The Wishmaster - Never Say Never
4. The Wishmaster - Disease
5. Kasparov - Infected By Madness (Amnesys Remix)
6. The Wishmaster - Surrender
7. TommyKnocker - Wild
8. D-Passion - The Culture
9. Advanced Dealer - Hellscream
10. The Wishmaster - Party Your Ass Off
11. The Wishmaster - Pandemonium
12. The Wishmaster - Banging On Your Eardrum
13. Tommyknocker Ft. The Wishmaster - Supernatural
14. Unexist - Disconnected
15. The Wishmaster - Oldschool Trip
16. Unexist & Tieum - Hands Around My Neck
17. Underground Vandalz - Not Justin Bieber