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Noisemaking Criminals @ Harmony Of Hardcore 2015 Promo-mix


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Yow peepz,

On Saturday May 23 , We have the honor to play at the 'Next Generation' stage of the Harmony of Hardcore festival.

Especially for this event we've made a promo-mix to get you warmed up and to give you an indication of what you can expect from us at the party!  :)

Hate it or love it folks, .. see you at Harmony!  ;)


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1. Dither - Mistake
2. Triax & Synapse - Rippin' it Up
3. D-Passion - Infection
4. Bloodcage - Martyr
5. Tymon - Now Who's Laughing (Negative A Remix)
6. Dither - Pull 'Em
7. Dazed - Always bet on Duke
8. Splinter Cell - Heroes & Monsters
9. The Outside Agency - Prepare To Die
10. Noizeskill - Panic Exhale
11. Hellsystem & Predator - Choose your fight
12. Synapse - Hiresh
13. The DJ Producer - The last Great Overdose (Ophidian Remix)
14. Switch technique - Wave
15. Unexist & Drokz - Rockus