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Fen0m @ In The Mixxx


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Homemade mix. Second track is selfmade mashup of Evolutionz and Stronger. Enjoy!

Gestemd door: SuciF3R Nevio fen0m --B-- Saviar A-BASS Jatoch Tanic


01 Headhunterz vs. Wildstylez - Blame It On The Music
02 D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Guess Who's Back (Fen0m's Mashup)
03 Ivan Carsten - Amazing Combination
04 Builder - Her Voice (Dub Mix)
05 Ztx & Kingsman - Smokin' N Pourin' (Original Mix)
06 The KGB's - Yerba Diabolika (Dub Mix)
07 A-Lusion - Perfect It (Frontliner Remix)
08 Evil Activities - No Place To Hide

SuciF3R -
September mix?  :)
1,3,4,5  :L
fen0m -
Yeah It's an old mix by me which I found again in my collection and wanna share  :)
Thx 4 support  :)
On 12-05-2009 13:40:35, SuciF3R wrote:

September mix?  :)
1,3,4,5  :L

x2 m8...  ;) +6
fen0m -
Some commentz on the mix please  :)
fen0m -
someone? :P
SuciF3R -
You rate +  :X
Jatoch -
You have something to cry about  :X
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