Shoutbox: [20-09] The Carcass: Frenchcore to the bone

Kenny Campbell @ Industrial Wasteland Episode 009

Acid   Techno   Industrial

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Kenny Campbell - Industrial Wasteland Episode 009

"It's episode 009 now, and hopefully you've all checked out the stunning Ingen mix already.

This mix takes the pace down a little from previous shows, but it's still pretty meaty, with lots of additional drums from Maschine and acid from the tb-3. Programming that on the fly isn't as easy as I thought when you're mixing and controlling drums too. All good fun though!"

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1. Alloinyx - I Know (Blitzkrieg Remix)
2. Somatic Responses - Fly-By (Eomac Remix)
3. Cacophoneuses - Never
4. Ontal - Disorientation
5. Monya - Rag
6. Tunnel - The Fever (Black River)
7. Herz Bass - Red Light (He Is She Remix)
8. Kenny Campbell - DrumFunk (D-Steppin Huck Farper Remix)
9. Swarm Intelligence - Tanker
10. Stave - Hardened Chord (Regis Remix)
11. Matt TDK - Cavern
12. Curve - Falling Free (The Aphex Twin Remix)
13. Berhoff - Tilly Tilly Bom