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DJ Casketkrusher @ The Video Mix #1

Early Hardcore   Happy Hardcore   UK Happy Hardcore
Gestemd door: DJ_Casketkrusher DJTheJoker alexvdh Aero Hansolo
Favoriet van: Aero

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1. Go Mental - Died in Your Arms Tonight (Rhythm Station Remix)
2. Bass-D & King Matthew - Jump To The Pump
3. DJ Seduction ‎- Step to the Side
4. DJ Synergy & DJ Devotion ‎- You're My Life
5. Renegade & Static - We'll Delete The Weak (Scott Brown's Mix)
6. DJ Seduction - My Own (DJ Ham Remix)
7. The Scotchman - Life Force
8. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale ‎- Drop Out