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Huck Farper @ Industrial Wasteland Episode 008

Industrial   Techno   EBM

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Huck Farper - Industrial Wasteland Episode 008

"This month my guest is Huck Farper. Someone who has been causing quite a stir in recent months, and deservedly so!
I've been a fan for a while now so I'm delighted he agreed to guest on the show. This mix is wonderfully disjointed, and brutally hard, without having to play at 150 bpm and having kick drums that feel like a kick in the balls. This is headfuck hard...

The mix is loaded with his own productions, so if you've heard anything from him before you'll know what to expect..."

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1. The Automatic Message - Prehension
2. Bleaching Agent - Yellow Corduroy Wall
3. Stingrays - Foot Fetish
4. 23 Skidoo - Invocation
5. Brion Gysin - I've Come To Free The Words
6. Huck Farper - Oris B Ginny
7. Huck Farper - Full Metal Eclipse
8. Sons of Melancholia - Look at the forms in the Clouds
9. Huck Farper - Brillo Pad Face Raker
10. LFO - Tied Up
11. Brion Gysin - Pistol Poem
12. Cut Hands - Festival of the Dead
13. Einstürzende Neubauten - ZNS
14. Brion Gysin - Iam (1960)
15. Anokthus - Befallen
16. Skinny Puppy - Smothered Hope
17. Converter - Bloodsex
18. Huck Farper - Ordinance 9
19. Huck Farper - Un
20. Huck Farper - Time of Death