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MoDi @ Tribute To The Fantastic 4 Day-Mar, Tymon, Parytraiser & Unexist

Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore

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Lengte: 00:46:32

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So Second Tribute Set, this time its dedeicated to the Fantastic 4!
In My Opinion The Most Smashing DJ's in the Scene..Each with a unique Style, all awesome.
These boys & girls inspire me the most! So it was without a doubt necessary to honour them!
Day-Mar : The Dark Queen Of Hardcore...Still falling in Love with nearly every Track and Set.
Tymon: Industrail at It's best, with this sick underground Touch
Partyraiser: No Words needed
Unexist: Pure Desruction, Chaos, Kicks!

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1. Day-Mar - Black Widow (Lowroller Remix)
2. Tymon - Kruger
3. Partyrasier - From The Westcoast
4. Unexist - Refuse
5. Day-Mar - Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses
6. Tymon - Derange @ 170
7. Partyraiser Like An Animal
8. Unexist & Satronica - Fuck The System
9. Day-Mar - Guess What
10. Tymon - This Is Drugs
11. Partyraiser - Time To Raise The Party
12. Uenxist - Attack
13. Day-Mar - Sunburn
14. Tymon - Fuck You Pay Me
15. Partyraiser vs. Darkcontroller - Our Power
16. Unexist - I Can't Escape My Mind
17. Day-Mar - Dirty
18. Tymon - Dead Evil
19. Partyraiser vs. ScrapeFace - Enjoy The Noise
20. Unexist vs. Day-Mar - K.O.