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The DJ Producer @ North NSA 10 Radical Technology

UK Hardcore   Early Terror

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Lengte: 00:43:33
Gestemd door: SandStorm

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1. Laurent Ho - Diklax
2. Placid K & Noize Suppressor - Fuckin' Hard (PK's Mix)
3. Micropoint - Hardbreak
4. T.N.T. - Better Than Better (Don Diablo Remix)
5. ID (ID)
6. Micropoint - Triceratops
7. System 3 - We Will Keep On Fuckin'
8. Ravemasters - Eilatan
9. SpeedyQ's - Boy Friend..!!?
10. Micropoint - Pied De Porc !
11. Shadowlands Terrorists - Bang Your Head
12. Micropoint - Massilia Trash
13. Micropoint - Explicit Sampler
14. Christ of Noise - Protzaack
15. Micropoint - Join or Die
16. Micropoint - Yur Blood
17. Micropoint - Sodomination
18. The Hardcore Fiends - Angry
19. Radium - Cavern
20. Micropoint - Return Of The T-Rex
21. Micropoint - E-Man
22. Androgyn Network - Highway 666

Deadlok -
Hi there @Hansolo. First of all thanks for all the awesome The Dj Producer sets you've uploaded. Sadly i can't download them from Soundcloud. Any chance of some download links? That would be good thanks.
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Just copy and paste the soundcloud link here  :beer:
Unfortunately I do not have the time hosting a download link for all my submitted sets.
Deadlok -
Sorry but that did not work for me. You can leave a download option on Soundcloud but i understand the fact you don't have the time. Thanks for trying though.
Bedlam -
As I have already commented on the Lenny Dee page just use this -
SandStorm [Set Editor] -
It's A Dirty Job...
I've used this for a couple of years now, never had a problem with it, works with soundcloud and mixcloud every time all the time!

Gewijzigd door SandStorm op 30-06-2015 00:11
SandStorm [Set Editor] -
It's A Dirty Job...
When this fails...

If your using firefox then there's a plug-in called flashgot, works a bit different....

added zippy

Gewijzigd door SandStorm op 30-06-2015 01:36