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Evil Activities @ Extreme Audio 37


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Extreme Audio is the monthly returning Podcast of Evil Activities, presented and carefully selected by the man himself.

Aired on Q-Dance Radio every last Friday of the month at 21:00 (ECT) and ready for download at 22:00 (ECT).

Check out iTunes and the Evil Activities YouTube channel to subscribe, download and play this essential Podcast.

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Extreme Audio: Hard to the Core - Music from the Heart!

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1. Kasparov & Synthax ft. Diesel - Get Amazed
2. Nosferatu - Assassinator Style
3. The Cambion - The Game (Pandorum Remix)
4. Prankster - Bass Down Low
5. The Viper & Neophyte - First Aid
6. Bodyshock & Dyprax - Omnious
7. Triax & Predator - The Enemy List
8. Tommyknocker - Winners
9. System Shock - Different
10. Titan & DV8 Rocks - Flip ‘m op z'n kantje (Tha Playah Remix)
11. Furyan - Rugged
12. Amnesys - Embrace The Ultimate
13. Nosferatu - Not Giving A Shit
14. Igneon System & Sei2ure - A New World Order
15. The Sickest Squad & Radium Ft. Kraken - Bomb By Bomb
16. Riot Squad - Doshemeklota

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