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Pr1me @ Hardcore Mix

Hardcore   Crossbreed

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Finally I've recorded new promo mix representing my latest preferences in hardcore music. Been asked many times about that and this is it. I haven't been practicing for a period and recorded this mix live from my home, so i had a good training session. Enjoy it and listen louder as possible.

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1. DJ Mad Dog - Back To The Old School (DJ Tool)
2. Dyprax - Running Scared
3. Angerfist & MC Nolz - The Deadfaced Dimension
4. Bodyshock ft. MC Jeff - Legacy (Masters Of Hardcore 2015 Anthem)
5. Angerfist - Strange Man In Mask
6. DJ Mad Dog ft. MC Jeff - A Real Voice
7. Art of Fighters & DJ Predator - Hellfire
8. Advanced Dealer - Hellscream
9. Bodyshock - Hold Us Back (Decipher & Shinra Remix)
10. Quitara - Destiny
11. I:Gor - Swerve
12. Tooms - Disgraceland (Lowroller Remix)
13. DJIPE - Drop It