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The Sickest Squad vs. Andy The Core @ Ground Zero 2015

Frenchcore   Hardcore

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1. Miss Twilight - Grind (The Sickest Squad Remix)
2. Andy The Core - Brutal Method
3. Underground Vandalz - Fuck You
4. Unexist & Drokz - Rockus
5. DJ Mad Dog - Rewind (Andy The Core Remix)
6. The Sickest Squad ft. Neverquiet - Children Of Core
7. Skrillex - Ragga Bomb (Art of Fighters Bootleg)
8. The Sickest Squad ft. Lenny Dee - Minimal Is Criminal (Live Edit)
9. The Sickest Squad vs. Tieum ft. Kraken - Swingbeat (VIP Sickcore Remix)
10. The Sickest Squad ft. Kraken - Re-vo-lu-tion
11. Detest - Brutal Hardcore Motherfucker
12. Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied - Hardcore Italia (Andy The Core Remix)
13. Meccano Twins - The Taste Of Blood
14. The Sickest Squad & Radium Ft. Kraken - Bomb By Bomb
15. Andy The Core - Raw Is War
16. Brutale - Brutale
17. The Sickest Squad ft. Lenny Dee - Minimal Is Criminal
18. Tieum ft. Batch - Demon
19. Tieum - One More
20. The Sickest Squad & Lenny Dee - Ass, Bass N Bitches
21. The Sickest Squad vs System 3 - Amputation
22. Clannad - I Will Find You
23. Andy The Core - Drop Zone
24. The Sickest Squad & System 3 - Sick Dreams
25. The Sickest Squad ft. Kraken - Burn Ur Face
26. Andy the Core ft. MC A.D.K. - The Last One (Don't Fuck with Andy the Core)

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