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Chaotic Hostility @ Toxic Sickness Radio


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Uptempo Hardcore Duo that has been founded late 2014, behind the scenes we have been working on tracks ranging from 180 to 260 BPM.

The first tracks: Pass Out (&Wars Industry Refix) and our Docside remix for Wars have been released! Now our first EP on Kurrupt Recordings; including the long-awaited tracks; Fuck Up Everything, Hardcore Shit and collaboration with Violence & Bane are rocking the hardtunes chart, with Wolves Out on top! And the whole EP in the Top 10.

Up next: something big, and a load of new tracks, keep your eyes opened.

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1. J-Roon & Kosmix - We Run This Shit
2. Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Naughty Kicks & Sound Reaver Bootleg)
3. Hellsystem - Make It Quick (Tieum Remix)
4. Unexist & OGM909 ft. Kerosene - Questa è Hardcore
5. Chaotic Hostility - Tieum Tribute Mashup
6. Azilyum & Chaotic Hostility - Pass Out
7. Miss Enemy - The Real Gangster
8. Chaotic Hostility, Violence & Bane - Wolves Out
9. A-Kriv & Emergency Fuckerz - Darksphere (F. Noize Remix)
10. Hungry Beats - We Had A Problem
11. Cryogenic - Victimized (Chaotic Hostility Remix)
12. Chaotic Hostility - De Goudgraver
13. F. Noize vs System Overload - Gabbers In Pariz
14. Unrest - Bastards
15. Chaotic Hostility - Fucked Up In The Club
16. Partyraiser & Darkcontroller - God, What The Hell?!
17. Riot Squad - Doshemeklota
18. Koozah - Let's Get Freaky
19. Chaotic Hostility - We Don't Smoke
20. The Endless Souls & Chaotic Hostility - Care Less
21. Lunakorpz - Eleven