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For your chance to win a Gearbox T-Shirt, tickets to Suppression invites Gearbox and a special mystery prize, please follow these instructions!

01. Make a Gearbox Showcas mix, using tracks released from Gearbox Digital or any of it's sub labels.

02. Upload the mix to soundcloud naming it as follows
Gearbox Showcase DJ Mix Competition - (insert DJ name) we will also repost your effort to over 5000 of our followers.

03. Send the mix to us through our Facebook page.

04. Go to our website and to our releases section where you can find almost all of our tracks for only 20p each. Guys from Netherlands may have issues with purchasing, if this is the case please contact us and we can come to an arrangement for the tracks you need.

05. The mix can be any length under the hour, although, you will not be penalized for going a little bit over.

06. Have entries sent to us before the end of November.

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1. Artifact - The Black Planets
2. Electric Punk - Hangar
3. Defuza - Murdering Angels
4. Randal - Just Die
5. Ironite & Denza - Rawness
6. Primefire - DIE
7. Dual Decimation - Tornado
8. Daemonic & Sick Sense - Consume
9. Adventum - Clock Is Ticking
10. Hypix - Evil Spirit
11. Unresolved - West Coast
12. D-Sturb - Anxious
13. The Avengerz - Demons
14. Primefire - Evil Before Us
15. Unresolved & Jason Payne - Nuclear (Rebelion Remix)
16. Malice - DOOM
17. Rooler - Violence
18. Luminite & Malice - Factus