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Geck-o @ Geck-o's Hardstyle Mixtape #01


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Lengte: 00:59:33

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I present you my Hardstyle Mixtape #01, in honor of my new release "Don't Wake The Dreamer" and well yeah... Hardstyle.

To me, Hardstyle is like an intense relationship. With all the love and hate that comes with it, all the ups and downs... She simply pushes your emotions into the highest gear, to the extremes. Together, you share the most ecstatic moments of your life, she gives you love like you've never experienced it. But it wouldn't be the first time you scream at her you're leaving - "and I'm never coming back!"

She can be a bitch, she can be poison... But that's the lows you have to accept, if you want to be able to reach those extreme heights. Personally, I can't help but holding on to her for just that reason. But I have been able to take a step back, and put my blinders off, moving us into an open relationship  ;)

I admit, the love I feel for the other genres I discovered is so exciting and fresh! But you know... my roots are really deep with Hardstyle. She taught me how to be an artist in the first place, and it still defines everything I do. Meanwhile, she hasn't sat still either. She has grown from the rough diamond she was into her more polished current self, pushing her boundaries with an international allure.

But whenever we meet, we play. She drops her act, and I drop my doubts. We accept each other for who we are, and what we've grown into. And we go deep.

I made this mixtape for her, to show why I still love her. This one's for you, Hardstyle  ;) Still crazy after all these years!

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1. Geck-o - Don't Wake The Dreamer
2. Wildstylez - Play My Record
3. The Outside Agency - Incurable
4. Cyber - DLTBGY
5. Public Domain Soundsystem - Automatic Audio Overload (The Machine Remix)
6. The Prophet X Albin Myers & Carli - The Legend In The Mix (Geck-o Mash)
7. Pavo - Classic
8. Chris One - EDM Space Machine
9. Sound Rush - Take Me Back
10. Phrantic - LSD
11. Omegatypez - One Night
12. Francesco zeta - gold skull
  w/ Zany - Like A Champ (Vocal)
13. Audiofreq - Volition
14. Aeros - Move
15. Geck-o & Aeros - Give It To Me
16. Chain Reaction X The Glitch Mob X Starkey - The Record Breaking Skytoucher (bitFace Mashup)
17. Run-DMC vs Jason Nevins - It's Like That
18. Frontliner - Tuuduu
19. Wildstylez - Roots
20. TNT - Pulsation
21. Alphaverb & Intractable One - Turbulence
22. Phrantic - Yeah
23. Phrantic X Tiga - Mind Dimension (Splinta's Butchered Mix)
24. Cyber - Something Different
25. Noisecontrollers - Here We Go
26. Luminite - Be The Baddest
  w/ Noisecontrollers - Destruction
27. Frontliner & Geck-o - Up There
28. Phrantic - Necromancer
29. Showtek & Noisecontrollers - Get Loose (Qlimax Edit)
30. Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker
31. The Prophet & Zatox - Spin Me Up
32. Jay Reeve - The Future
33. TNT - Flash
34. Cyber - Hit That Bonk (Mashup Edit)
35. Albin Myers & Carli - In Control
  w/ Nobody Likes The Records That You Play (Vocal)
36. Frontliner - Tell Me
37. Catatonic Overload - Goddamn
38. D-Charged ft. Kyrella - Fly Away
39. Delete - Funk
  w/ Delete - Just Do It, Delete & Deetox - Fatal, Deetox - Bring The Riot, Primefire - Evil Before Us, Primefire - DIE, Radical Redemption - Suicide Bassline, Adaro & Eforce - Oldschool Flow
40. Ruthless X Dave S X Audiofreq X Kutski - My Little Outlaw (Kutski Edit)
41. Tuneboy - Eins Zwei Telefunken
  w/ Geck-o - The American Bad (Vocal)
42. Geck-o - International Outernational

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Altijd goed geleid en shit
Heerlijk mixje  :hungry: