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Kenny Campbell @ Industrial Wasteland Episode 016

Techno   Acid   Industrial

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Kenny Campbell - Industrial Wasteland Episode 016

"This month is no different to any other. A random mix of techno and broken beats with lots of acid and drums thrown in too.

A good few of the tracks aren't out yet, so keep an eye on the labels mentioned and make sure you buy the tracks where possible. 99% of these are or will be available from bandcamp."

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1. Rude Failure - Broken
2. Sol Los - Faithless
3. Scalameriya & VSK - Realgar
4. Oudeis - Calamity
5. Moondog83 - Hyper Moon
6. Joyless - I Hear Voices
7. Chris Craig - Concealed (Jason Mills Remix)
8. J Tijn - Mr Mime
9. Kenny Campbell - I'm Done For The Night. Get Out, And Take Your Dragon With You.
10. 14anger - Right After Midnight
11. Eomac - Frozen Souls (Ontal Remix)
12. Kata Mercado - The Agony Of Angels
13. Kenny Campbell - Suffering All Around
14. Huck Farper & Moondog - Adorned By Thee (Kenny Campbell's Adorned By God Remix)
15. Kenny Campbell - Garden of Flesh