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Spitnoise vs. Vandal!sm vs. Chaotic Hostility vs. Psycho Killer vs. EddyHardcore vs. Critical Damage vs. Noize Destructor @ Slapen Is Voor Mietjes 2015


Toegevoegd door: JeffreyFCT @
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Lengte: 01:02:12

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Mega versus @ Slapen Is Voor Mietjes

Spitnoise vs. Vandalism vs. Chaotic Hostility vs. Psycho Killer vs. Eddy Hardcore vs. Critical Damage vs. Noize Destructor

Gestemd door: JeffreyFCT Noisefreak Dam1en PsychoKillerOfficial DJ_Iniga NoizeDestructor tommiev SuperAngio melvin053 motionbobo djcriticaldamage DenDB mudkipz ilonamarcus stiba Saba1980
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1. Hardbouncer - Push The Tempo
2. Hoeppi - One Of These Darkfallus (Mash Up)
3. Chrono & Rhose - Just Shoot Me (The Unfamous Remix)
4. Tieum & Axl - Spider
5. Masters Of Noise vs Sonic & D-Vstor - Brain Crusher
6. Drokz - Rip It Up
7. Braincrash - Big Bad Bass
8. Deterrent Man & Andy The Core - Chaotic Attitude
9. Unexist - Underground Existence
10. Azilyum & Chaotic Hostility - Pass Out
11. Section Grabuge - People Will Die (Tieum Remix)
12. Zyklon - Whiskey Diet
13. Brutal Jesters - Obdrutate
14. Repix & Violence - It's a Game
15. Nuke - Turn Down For What
16. The Vizitor vs The Speedsoul Bross - Jan In De Remix
17. Tripped - 123 Kuj Gie Nog Teln (KRTM Remix)
18. Section Grabuge - Policia (The Vizitor & s'Aphira Remix)
19. Broken Minds - Volare
20. ToXic Inside - Give It To Me Baby
21. Pyrut - Ein Zwei Polizei (Dr. Peacock's Re-Master)

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