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DJ Mutante , Dr. Peacock , Mycotoxine , Sefa @ Lock & Load Radio week1

Hardcore   Frenchcore

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Lock & Load - Week 1 first of 2016
Tonight "Live" at Lock & Load Radio
it's a real deal with Da Mouth Of Madness bringing you:
record by only hardcore
ook deze week kan je kaarten winnen mail de antwoord naar gabberFm

line up!
Dr. Peacock

Tune in on every wensday

powerd bij decade events
only hardcore

till next week !!!!!!

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Freddyg -
does anyone have this that they could re-upload?
JeffreyFCT [Set Editor] -
Added new link.
Freddyg -
On 31-01-2018 09:48:57, JeffreyFCT wrote:

Added new link.

 :thumbsup2: thanks man, looking forward to listening to this again