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Noize Destructor @ Toxic Sickness Radio


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When I was 11 years old I listened for the first time music style Hardcore.
What violence was saying, and what is that good music I thought.
Then when I was 13, bought my very first Masters Of Hardcore CD.
That music is always love in me thoughts down and could hear everything in the music lost in emotions!
This is the future I thought, and the future has become much bigger than I had imagined!

17 years old I was when I turned R-Maniac, under my old alias music style Raw Hardstyle / Hardcore.
I realized at age 19 that the faster, harder and louder music seized me more than Hardstyle.

My genre is // Uptempo Hardcore Frenchcore Terror //.
So enjoy my page and let a comment, share it or like it!

Noize Destructor!

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