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DRS @ Toxic Sickness Radio

Terror   Hardcore

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Junot aka DRS comes from Belgium, Limburg. He spins Uptempo, hardcore, terror and Is someone who became an uptempo hardcore dj/producer because of some hard times and his passion for the music.
14 December 2012 It all started.
He was already buzzy with playing rec's for almost a month,
From the first moment he was serious about I'ts goal.
Soon he knew that he wanted to play It's own rec's,
So he started producing some first records,
A few weeks after he met FL he inmedially started to read books about the program and started building a studio.. He wanted to know everything about producing.
I saw him learn each day after his work, with It's mind 100 procent into the hardcore,
He was taken by the Hardcore virus and Is looking after perfection,
Junot T. Is a regular guy you'd think just like me, his past , the driving force for the future , is what makes him so strong.
In 2014 Junot got It’s first releases at different labels and reached already spot 40 In the Hardtunes top 100 charts. Also his first EP will be released.
DRS will also be a part of the Hard & Onterecht Album, Decikore Vol1 CD and WARS INDUSTRY it’s album, „Wars Industry & Friends”.
He played at several party’s already In Belgium In 2013 and goes worldwide sinds 2014 Netherlands & Germany & 2015 France. Party’s like Staalhard, BeachParty Bocholt, Pandemonium Festival, Terror Machine, Bang Bastards, Alles kapot, Gods of Hardcore etc..


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1. Turbulence - Six Million Ways To Die (Cryogenic & DRS We Don't Give A Fuck Refix)
2. Death Shock - Say It
3. A-Kriv & Overtrip ft. MC Matt - Die Motherfucker Die (X-Mind Remix)
4. Vandal!sm - Partyraiser Harder Dan De Rest Tribute
5. Stampede - I Am The Law
6. Lunakorpz - Eleven (1)
7. Darkcontroller - Apocalyptic Darkness (Death Shock Remix)
8. DRS vs Spitnoise - Can You See The Dark
9. Spitnoise & Death Shock - Brahh
10. Sjammienators - The Coming Darkness
11. MadMaker - I'm Not Insane
12. Death Shock vs DRS - Bounce
13. DRS & MBK - President
14. Hardbouncer - Stupid & Contagious
15. The Demon Dwarf - Ik Loop Hier
16. Tim Shopp - Terror Squad
17. Dark Connection - City Guy
18. DRS ft. MC Komplex - Let The Ground Shiver
19. ID (DRS & Illegal Brothers - ID)
20. DRS - Shut The Fuck Up
21. DRS - Get Fucked Up
22. The Demon Dwarf vs DRS - The Westcoast Is Back
23. The Vizitor - In Your Fucking Face
24. Angernoizer & Tripped - The Police Speaking
25. NSD & MBK - Idiosyncratic
26. Stinger & Plague - Kill Everything (Thunder Remix)
27. Frankentek vs RSR - Kiddy Coke
28. KlereHerrieKrew - Up In Smoke (Cheese & Chong TerrorSong)