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Parsel @ Ruhr'G'Beat Project X Contest


Toegevoegd door: Parsel @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:29:06

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Gestemd door: Parsel

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1. Fear Of Darkness - Jump Off
2. Vandal!sm - Rip It Hard
3. Miss Enemy & Insane S - Take It To The Floor
4. Lunakorpz - Eleven
5. Partyraiser & Chaotic Hostility - Helemaal Knettah
6. Cryogenic - Underground Madness
7. F. Noize Vs. System Overload a.k.a System Noize - The Destroyer Of Worlds
8. Cryogenic - Victimize (Chrono Remix)
9. Braincrash - Big Bad Bass
10. DRS - Shut The Fuck Up
11. DRS - Get Fucked Up