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Galactixx & Digital Mindz @ Future Of Hardstyle 05


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#05 - The Future of Hardstyle – Presented by Villain

Welcome to The Future of Hardstyle – Episode #05, the most important podcast for upcoming talent in the hardstyle scene, hosted by Villain.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Send an e-mail to and maybe you will shine in the next episode of The Future of Hardstyle.

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-- Episode #05: Galactixx & Digital Mindz --
This month, we present you the latest addition to the WE R roster, the talented Galactixx. Let them take you on an euphoric journey through the best talents out there.

Already supported by some of the major artists, this Finnish guy really knows how to make some raw banging hardstyle. Releasing his tracks on the Dirty Workz Anarchy label, we are proud to present you: Digital Mindz!

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  Tracklist Galactixx
1. Galactixx - Hold Me
2. Jay Reeve - Everybody
3. Authentic - Runaway
4. Galactixx - Beautifully Created
5. Revolved - Open Eyes
6. Udex & Anklebreaker - Shockwaves
7. Firelite & Subraver - Follow You
8. Timekeeperz & Elysiums - Harmony
9. Shockwave & anklebreaker - free
10. Galactixx - The Promised One
  Tracklist Digital Mindz
11. Carmina Burana - O Fortuna (Digital Mindz Bootleg)
12. Crypsis - Lost In The Mist
13. Sub Zero Project & Sub Sonik - Headbanger
14. Digital Mindz - The First March (Rawzone 2016 Anthem)
15. 3 The Hard Way - Strength. Domination. Power.
16. K96 - Survive
17. Hard Driver - Never Stop Me
18. Digital Mindz - Resonant Part 2
19. Digital Mindz - Restoration of Harmony
20. The Machine - Play A Game
21. Digital Mindz - I'm Your New God (Ft. MC Heretik)
22. Digital Mindz - Sabotage (Ft. MC Heretik)

Mike_L-84 -
Altijd leuk nieuwe unreleased tracks  :D
daKloze -
On 16-03-2016 15:26:14, Mike_L-84 wrote:

Altijd leuk nieuwe unreleased tracks  :D

Idd, halfuurtje van Digital Mindz is echt belachelijk lekker!
Mike_L-84 -
Zo maar ff aanzetten onderweg naar huis.....tututututu