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DRS @ Toxic Sickness Radio


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Junot AKA DRS comes from Belgium, Limburg. He spins uptempo, hardcore & Terror and is someone who became an uptempo DJ/Producer because of some hard times and his passion for this music.
14 December 2012 it all started. From the first moment he was serious about it’s goals.
He was taken by the hardcore virus and is looking after perfection.
Junot T. is a regular guy you’d think just like me, his past, the driving force for the future is what makes him so strong in what he does.
He just released his 3th EP on Kurrupt Recordings and these tracks hit place 1,2,3 & 4 in the worldwide hardtunes top 100 charts.
Also he has more than 20 tracks ready to be released at different labels.
In 3 years he spinned some records at more than 50 party’s in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Spain & France.
And with his full agenda for the next coming months this sick belgian artist is ready to rock this world!


Performance Highlights:

-Pandemonium Indoor/Outdoor (NL)
-Alles Kapot (FR)
-Nightmare In Barcelona (SP)
-Reng deng deng (NL)
-Ground Zero (DE)
-Imperial Hardcore (BE)

Gestemd door: Sickplaya JeffreyFCT Hansolo Darksound
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Bekijk als platte tekst


1. Darkcontroller & s'Aphira - 6 Demons (Tripped Remix)
2. Razor Edge - Death Row (KRTM Remix)
3. DRS vs System Overload - WAR
4. DJ Paul Elstak, The Unfamous & The BeatKrusher ft. MC Ruffian - The Dark Shades (Cryogenic & Darkcontroller Remix)
5. Hellter Skellter ft. Endless Souls - Hated Bodie Hit
6. Chaotic Hostility - De Goudgraver
7. Cryogenic - Underground Madness
8. DRS vs Spitnoise - Can You See The Dark
9. Tharoza & Cryogenic - Fuck Up Everything
10. DRS & MBK - President
11. Tharoza - Break It Down MF (Lunakorpz Remix)
12. DRS - Shut The Fuck Up
13. The Demon Dwarf vs DRS - The Westcoast Is Back
14. DRS ft. MC Rampaged - Let The Ground Shiver
15. Turbulence - Six Million Ways To Die (Cryogenic & DRS We Don't Give A Fuck Refix)
16. DRS - Never Surrender
17. Cryogenic - Victimized (DRS Remix)
18. AngerNoizer & Danny Ovington - Extreme Fucking Terror
19. Angernoizer - Bomb Da Drop
20. DRS - Click Clack 2.0
21. F. Noize - Lord Of The Underground (DRS Remix)
22. F. Noize & Nekrosystem ft. Da Mouth Of Madness - Grinfucked
23. Danny Ovington - Cocaine MF (Tim Shopp Relapse Remix)
24. KlereHerrieKrew - Extreme
25. DRS & Angernoizer - Domination
26. KlereHerrieKrew - That Fucking Sound

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