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Dr. Peacock & Cyclon @ Peacock Records Podcast 001

Frenchcore   Hardtek

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1. Nout Heretik - Transformers
2. Guigoo vs. Billx - Je Vais Entreprendre De Penetrer Votre Esprit
3. Green Day - Basket Case (Mat Weasel Remix)
4. Mat Weasel - Czech Tekno (Edit)
5. Dr Peacock & Marcus Decks - Game Over (2015 Re-Fix)
6. Vandal - Mr. Politian Vocal (Edit)
7. Roms aka Harry Potar - Gregorian Party People
8. Guigoo - Evanescence
9. Mr. Ivex & Cyclon ft. Dr. Peacock - Le Flow
10. Billx vs Guigoo - The Dark Side
11. Fant4stik - Kr4ken
12. Roms aka Harry Potar - Strepsils Overdose
13. Billx vs Floxytek - Sax (edit)
14. Chrono - Dont worry (edit)
15. Roms - 51 Jump Street
16. The Speed Freak - Angry Speedbird
17. The Mastery & Dr. Peacock - Masters Of This World
18. Dr. Peacock - Trip To Ireland
19. Zyklon - Messed Up
20. Cyclon - Ambush
21. Cyclon - Bending the Genre
22. The Sickest Squad - Offsick
23. Dr. Peacock & Cyclon - Trip to Scotland
24. Dr. Peacock & Remzcore - Nothing is Free
25. Sirio - Dirty Vip
26. The Sickest Squad - IN50 the Celebration
27. Cyclon - Breaking Boundaries
28. Sefa & Cyclon - Jim
29. Angerfist & Dr. Peacock - Inframan
30. Hyrule War - Stamina (Vocal Edit)
31. Angerfist & Dr. Peacock - Caveman
32. Le Bask - Slave Empire (Dr. Peacock Remix)
33. Zyklon - Countdown
34. Dr. Peacock - Lost In Space (Para Italia Remix)
35. Zyklon - Musicbox
36. Dr. Peacock - Trip To Fairlyland
37. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - Trip to Turkey
38. Cyclon - Insomnia
39. Death By Design - Wild
40. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - This Life is Lost
41. Roland Brant - Nuclear Sun (The Braindrillerz Remix)

skippybeco -
It must be zyklon is guess... or did he changed his name??
JeffreyFCT [Set Editor] -
On 19-05-2016 20:13:47, skippybeco wrote:

It must be zyklon is guess... or did he changed his name??

Yes, he changed his name.

Important announcement:
Some of you might have already noticed something strange at the Decibel Outdoor line-up.. But no, b2s didn’t make a mistake, from now on I will be performing under the name of Cyclon!
While I really liked the name at first, last period it appeared there where some issues with some big retired Norwegian black metal band, and some idiots linking it to some other idiot who lived in the ‘40s of previous century.
While I’m currently making big steps in my musical career, I’m still actually at the beginning of hopefully something big and long lasting. So I believe it’s better to prevent any possible problems in the future and want to make a fresh start to make clear I have absolutely no relation to any of mentioned above.
So probably next few months you might see some flyers appearing with the old, and some others with the new name until it’s fully integrated everywhere.. But either way, it still will be me blasting the tunes like ever before as this slight change of name doesn’t mean I will change anything in my musical creativity!!
And here also a preview of my new logo, which should be finished in the following weeks..
skippybeco -
Thanks! i knew the story of zyklon in world war 2 so its a good choice to change the name!!
HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -
Added Soundcloud-Link  :thumbsup: