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The Destroyer @ Airforce Festival Podcast 002


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An inevitable slaughter will take place in the Killzone bunker at ‪AIRFORCE Festival 2016‬. Rapid BPM fire and precision eardrum bombing make this a death-defying section. Listen to the second AIRFORCE podcast by The Destroyer for a sneak preview!

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1. The Destroyer - Your Killing Me
2. The Destroyer - Sicily Loves HKV
3. MD&A - The Cracken (The Destroyer Remix)
4. Tripped - Foggy Cunt (The Destroyer Remix)
5. DJ Twilight & The Massacre ft. Narotic - Real Italian Killers (The Destroyer Remix)
6. The Destroyer - Dissing Speedcore
7. The Destroyer - Terrordrang
8. The Destroyer - My Label
9. UKTM - Muggy Cunt (The Destroyer Remix)
10. Deterrent Man - Terrorlution (The Destroyer Remix)

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Oh jazeker!
9. Muggy Cunt, not moggy cunt  :)