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This was my first CD and contains 2 sets back to back with a wide range of styles. You get the simple and the intricate synths, hard and even harder bass kicks, and various styles of the Hardcore and Gabber genre of Techno. There is even a couple non-hardcore tracks on here just to mix the mood up. It has songs like “Wild Stylz” by Da Predator, “Pessa Pessa” by Masoko Solo, “Back In Smolensk” by Search & Destroy, and a ton of other goodies. There are even a few of me and DTM’s 1st released tracks on it.

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1. French Connection - French Connection
2. Angel - Boom (Ruff & Rugged)
3. DJ Promo - Bad Boy DJ
4. DJ Inyoung & DTM - For All You M.F.-ers!
5. Scarface - Housetime!
6. DJ Inyoung & DTM - Power Overwhelming
7. Da Predator - Wild Stylz
8. Kool Killers - Whistling Whistling
9. Trypticon - Shots On Five
10. R. Wagner - Listen Carefully
11. Search & Destroy - Back In Smolensk
12. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa
13. Rotterdam Terror Corps - God Is A Gabber
14. The DJ Producer - King Of The Vari-Speed
15. The Lawyer - Yo DJ
16. Tellurian - Block Fucking Beats
17. Menace + USD - File001
18. Omar Santana - Bum Rush Da Sound
19. Omar Santana - Rebel In His Own Mind

pointlesspoint -
Coherent incoherence
12. no track ID, still Search & Destroy i think (31 - 33 minutes).