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Majestic Casual @ Escape Everything

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Toegevoegd door: Thermus @

Bestandstype: MP3
Lengte: 01:00:05

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"Hey everyone, after almost 5 years of Majestic Casual I finally managed to make a mix. I really hope you enjoy it! Let your mind wander and leave everything else behind you even if it's just for a moment. Escape Everything. The mix ranges from electronic to indie and features a lot of great artist like Lontalius, Maths Time Joy, Kidnap Kid, Kasbo, Mr. Carmack, Giraffage and many more."

Gestemd door: Thermus

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1. Kasbo - I Don't Get
2. Craves - Got 2 Know
3. Arian Cook - Come Down
4. Flores - Oceans (Prod. Maths Time Joy)
5. Laxcity - I Failed My Exams, Came Home To Produce My Feelings
6. Lontalius - Comfortable
7. Kidnap Kid ft. Leo Stannard - Moments
8. Evenings - Friend (Lover)
9. Yoste - Haku
10. Tülpa - Summer Song
11. HOME - Resonance
12. Glue70 - Time Goes Slow
13. Medasin - Motion
14. Greyhat - Rolling (Demo)
15. Sonder - Departure
16. Andrew Luce - I Hate When We Fight
17. CRi ft. Ouri & Odile Myrtil - Why I Love You
18. In Love With A Ghost - We've Never Met But, Can We Have A Coffee Or Something
19. Mr. Carmack - At Night
20. Feverkin ft. Nori - Still Can't Fall
21. Celadon City - Below The Alpine
22. Giraffage - Make You Love Me