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Sandra Carey @ Harder Stylez Movement Podcast 027


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Sandra Giano was born 1991 in Herford.
At the age of 15 years she discovered for the first time the electronic beats.
At this time she made with the directions of electronic music, drum & bass to hardcore experience.
She busied herself now continuously stronger with the music and its various aspects.
Your healthy curiosity and interest for electronic beats, caused in 2013 she will to make her own first experiences with the djing.
With a lot of hard work and steady progress she was allowed in the summer of 2013 for the first time to djing at an open air in front of audiences.
Sandra decided to use the areas from dark and banging techno, hardtechno and frenchcore.
2014 was a new close collaboration with Benni Giano.
After careful consideration and good musical collaboration both decided that project 'Meinklang Radio' to call in life.
Meinklang Radio broadcasts twice a month its own live video stream with various regional to internatonal artists from techno, hardtechno and frenchcore.

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