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Frontliner @ Q-Base 2016 Open Air


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Mr. Symbols showed Q-BASE once again the true power of melodies. This was Frontliner at Q-BASE.

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1. Frontliner - Symbols (Q-Base 2012 Open Air Anthem)
2. Frontliner - TBA 2 (One More Time)
3. Frontliner - The First Cut
4. Frontliner - Somebody Say Yeah (Dillytek Remix)
5. Armin van Buuren - Shivers (Frontliner Remix)
6. Wildstylez - Muzic Or Noize (Frontliner Remix)
7. Frontliner & John Harris - Loud
8. Frontliner - What You Come For
9. Frontliner - Warphole (2014 Edit)
10. Frontliner ft. Ellie - Lose The Style
11. Frontliner - Discorecord (2013 Edit)
12. ID (Frontliner - ID)
13. Technoboy - Rage (Frontliner Remix)
14. Frontliner - Our District (2016 Edit)
15. Frontliner - Summer
16. D-Block & S-te-Fan, Frontliner & Hard Driver - Friction
17. Frontliner & Radical Redemption - Frontliner & Radical Redemption (Live Edit)
18. Frontliner - I'm The Melodyman (Hardcore Edit)
19. Frontliner - Weekend Warriors (Defqon.1 2013 Anthem)
20. Max Enforcer & Frontliner - On The Go
21. Frontliner - Dream Dust
22. Frontliner - You Want It
23. Frontliner vs B-Front - Become The Sky
24. Frontliner ft. Katt Niall - (We Are) Indestructible
25. Frontliner - Come On!
26. Frontliner ft. Nikkita - Death of a Demon
27. Frontliner - Outside Spacer (Raw Edit)
  w/ Frontliner - Pull Tuuduuu Over

Rocko [Set Editor] -
Got home in the middle of the set. Gonna give it a listen later. Thx for posting!
tecas -
On 10-09-2016 21:44:33, Rocko wrote:

Got home in the middle of the set. Gonna give it a listen later. Thx for posting!

You're welcome, giving it a listen later too.
Rocko [Set Editor] -
Proshot link added and tracklist updated.