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Simix @ Harderstate Country Hard Battle 2016 (Team Italy)


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Make strange mixes for HCB is already a tradition for me.
I didn't want to make a normal Rawstyle/Euphoric/Rawphoric/Early/Industrial set. I wanted to make something extremely funny, even if during a normal event i wouldn't play anything like this.

I tried to mix different kind of Hardstyle, from Early to Raw, a Reverse Bass track with a bad vocal edit, Euphoric, Dark then another Raw track before another good Reverse, ending with an uptempo track with a funny topic. Not a load of original stuff but... Quite different, I think.

The intro refers ironically to what Carnage usually do in his sets. It wasn't an insult to Showtek's gold track lol.

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Bekijk als platte tekst


1. Showtek - FTS (Benasis Run The Trap Remix)
2. Hard Attakk - My Hard
3. Showtek - FTS (Organ Donors Unofficial "LIVE4PILLZ" Remix)
4. Cyber x Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth - BONK (Simix Vocal Edit)
5. Kaaze - Overrunning (Machiazz Bootleg)
6. ID (ID - ID)
7. Shadow Interaction - Halloween 2014 Mashup
8. Warface vs Digital Mindz - Show Me Your Fortuna 2.0 (Simix Mashup)
9. Geck-O - 2-1 (MKN's Mindcontroller Edit)
10. DopeMonkeys - Power of the Dark Side

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