Shoutbox: [04:20] CrazyDutchMan: If you don't have medical insurance to cover that, Meth is a good alternative. Within a year you'll turn on even your mother, and just kill the lot, grey teeth and all, and we'll all be free  :)

D-Verze @ Harderstate Country Hard Battle 2016 Team Netherlands

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1. Infirium & D-Verze ft. Yuna-X - Disappeared
2. D-Verze - Darkening Contrasts
3. D-Verze ft. Yuna-X - Painting Perspetives
4. D-Verze - Rise Up Together
5. D-Verze & Mind Dimension - Deep Blue
6. D-Verze & Blackout ft. Snowflake - Supernatural
7. Density - Specymen (D-Verze Remix)
8. D-Verze - Enlightening Contrasts
9. Main Concern - The Rush (D-Verze Remix)
10. D-Verze - The Cycle (Loudfest Edit)