Shoutbox: [21:50] BertusBaklip: @DoS, kwaliteit is zeker ruk. Razor Edge is het niet. Heb em op raw ook nog wel es voorbij horen komen volgens mij. Anders ga ik stefan zelf maar een berichtje doen.

Avi8 & Caine @ The Future of Hardstyle #02


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Welcome to The Future of Hardstyle – Episode #02, the most important podcast for upcoming talent in the hardstyle scene, hosted by Villain.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Send an e-mail to and maybe you will shine in the next episode of The Future of Hardstyle.

This month is a special Scottish episode. Avi8 has the honor to mix the euphoric part, where he showcases his amazing producing talent. This 20 years old Scot hasn’t had the chance to perform in front of a crowd just yet, but we’re sure this won’t take long anymore!

Another Scottish producer has taken care of the raw part. He recently signed to the Theracords family, so some of you die-hards already know this guy quite well. Also known as The Hardstyle Viking, Caine definitely knows how to produce some bangers!

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  • Tracklist Avi8:
1. Avi8 - The Light Inside You
2. Refuzion - We Go
3. Wasted Penguinz & Toneshifterz - Together
4. BT ft. Christian Burns - Paralyzed (Euphorizer & Fire Inside Remix)
5. Avi8 - The Forgotten Star
6. Sylence ft. Chase - Happiness When The Sun Goes Down (Zera-O Mash-Up)
7. Avi8 - Wait Forever
8. Audiofreq - Tear U Down
9. Cyber - Don't You See
10. Avi8 - Wildest Dreams
  • Tracklist Caine:
11. Elevate - TBA (Premier)
12. Caine - Requital (2015 Edit) (Premier)
13. Caine & Chimera - Face Us
14. Deimos - 666
15. Caine - The Night Train
16. Project Exile - F#cker
17. Prefix & Density - Just A Memory
18. Dual Decimation - Roots of 260
19. Brennan Heart - Outta My Way (Sub Sonik Remix)
20. Adventum & Deimos - World Against Us (Premier)