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High Rankin @ PRSPCT PDCST 029

Drum & Bass

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Lengte: 00:32:12

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For PRSPCT PDCST 029 High Rankin got behind the decks for 30 minutes of relentless self promotion!

Here is what the man himself has to say:

Hi, my name is High Rankin i am 32 and a half years old, live in Brighton. I like walks on the beach, open log fires and getting boyed up on pingers with you mum.
I have compiled this mix on the orders of the PRSPCT management who have amongst other things threatened me with violence and repeatedly called me a "Snowflake Moustachioed Cucktard" in front of friends and family.
I was going to put in tracks by other producers like Cooh, Counterstrike, The Panacea, Limewax and so on but all it did was highlight my shitty mixdowns and play against the ego trip of releasing a mix of entirely ones own records. So yeah, fuck the police etc.
I hope you enjoy this mix and if you would like me to come and turn out your disco/rave/wedding etc i can beat mix competently with only mild glances at the bpm counters which is more than can be said for most of the swinging dicks on the scene these days, AMIRITE?!!??!??!111!!
I love you all and hope to one day kiss you all passionately on the mouth.
Namaste, Rankin.

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1. The Panacea - Love Me/Habibi (High Rankin Remix VIP Extravaganza)
2. High Rankin - Bow Or Burn
3. High Rankin - Active Shooter Event
4. High Rankin - Get Loose
5. High Rankin - 5am Gurn Crew
6. High Rankin - Mexican Sex Music
7. High Rankin - So You Wanna Be A DJ
8. High Rankin - Terrible Reality
9. High Rankin - Don't Drink The Koolaid
10. High Rankin - Let's Take 8 Beans And Make Love In The Mosh Pit